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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  February 16, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PST

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7:00 we continue to track the latest storms moving across the bay area. the problems popping up in the bay area and explain where the hardest rain is falling now. . we're live at the scene of a big rig crash at 880 northbound in oakland. they're in the process of removing a big rig. when they will open all lanes of traffic, coming up. welcome back, it's a busy thursday, february 16th i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. the big story this morning, the storm that is rolling and blowing through the bay area. >> we have team coverage for you.
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allie rasmus is on the scene. first, steve, where is the heaviest rain? it's moved through us. another wet pattern going for about a week. this system barrelling through rapidly so the rainfall rate is about an inch for some. thankfully the heaviest rain is now out to the valley and heading up to the sierra. for us, we have light rain in the mix but the heaviest rain has gone through. still some up in the lake county and need to keep an eye on that. flood warning through sunday. a little bit of rain in the east bay. maybe 24 out to martinez but nothing too heavy in there. altamont pass, there's a little but nothing compared to what we had. back towards redwood city and stanford. san jose, not that much anymore. 50s on the temps. the wind is a big story. tomorrow it will really crank up.
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it's tailed off a bit compared to where it was. the system blasted through so it's out of the picture. we'll still have a mix of sun and clouds and light rain. this is the system tomorrow, the biggest they have seen in seven years in southern california. a wind producer for us and wind out of that and a break on the weekend until the next system on monday which looks like heavy rain for northern california and 60s on the temps. >> 880? >> that's right, the rain has been correlated with a big rig crash in oakland along northbound 880 and that's slowing traffic a lot this morning. let's go to allie rasmus on the side of the road and it was a dramatic -- something dramatic happened to the driver of the trucks? >> reporter: yes, he was ejected and #23e8 off the side of the ramp. -- -- fell off. at least he was able to communicate with paramedics when he was transported.
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a look at 880, the far right lane is shut down to traffic as it has been since the crash happened at 4:30 this morning. a third tow truck we counted going by try to upright this big rig on its side. a short time ago chp closed the third lane on the right hand side to try and get people around the process. uprighting the big rig is a delicate operation. they have to do it in a way so the trailer doesn't split open or break and spill out its load on to the freeway. because then they would have to shut down more lanes of traffic. this story at 4:30 this morning. chp says the driver reported hitting a puddle and losing control of the vehicle on the rain and slick road. the driver hit another truck and he was ejected from the cab and fell off the highway down to the off ramp below. .
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>> about 40-foot drop, medical aid was rendered and he was transported. >> did he explain what caused the crash? >> a little bit of weather related. he hit a puddle and a wet roadway and slid into the truck next to him which caused the crash. he ended up on the shoulder and tried to regain control of the truck which caused it to turn over. >> we don't have enough information on the driver's condition but chp says he was alert and communicating with paramedics as he was rushed to the hospital. 880 in the northbound direction is quite congested. chp says the back up is from here just over the off ramp where this crash happened and it's probably getting worse as we speak. the estimated tomb to reopen, the latest traffic to get it cleared out of the way, 8:00 so i work in progress out here. they haven't been able to totally upright the big rig. back to you guys.
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>> i have a question. the driver of the truck that came out and ended up on the ramp below, was that the driver of the flipped over truck or another truck? >> yes, that was the driver of the truck that ended up on its side. >> thank you very much, allie rasmus. as you heard her say, the traffic is backing up. i'll show you how long it's backing up here on 880 northbound. we have the 880 coliseum shot here that normally doesn't get this way until 8:00 or so. this morning it's been this way since 6:45, jammed traffic all the way up to downtown oakland. i would recommend using 580 as an alternative route because of the slow traffic. look at this, you don't want to be in this. 580 is allowing big rigs for the time being until this accident has cleared up. let's move along and take a look at the other slow traffic here around the bay. northbound 17 of course ends up being a very slow commute here. if you're driving in the south
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bay and want to know what that's like, 280 northbound and 85 and 101 are slow. a couple fender benders and cars that have spun out so to speak because of the wet weather. at 7:06 a quick look at the toll plaza. it's about a 25-minute delay. now let's go back to the desk. >> we will of course stay on top of traffic and weather throughout mornings on two. take us with you in the form of free ktvu weather app including a live radar look and extended forecast. we continue to follow breaking news in san jose where several police units have taken over in east san jose neighborhood. paul chambers is at the scene. police have been there for an hour and a half? >> reporter: yeah, almost about two hours ago, you can see here there's one armored vehicle out there and another up in the driveway. ten minutes ago we heard three
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really loud bangs so we're not sure if those are flash bangs. we're told they're out here issuing a search warrant. we can look at video from earlier this morning. the officers were going in the home about 45 minutes ago. they were going in the home with the guns drawn. they're issuing a search warrant and there's a dog out here. officers say it's an interesting situation. normally with a search warrant there's not a heavy presence but that's all they're telling us now. we did see gang task force out here and also a chopper out here. i will tell you white road is closed between quinn by and norwood avenue. basically we thought things were over. it appeared things were settled but then we heard the three bangs right in a row. and then we saw a little bit of
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activity and dogs come outside so there's a dog unit. we haven't seen any suspects or anyone being taken out of the house at this time. the other armored vehicle is up higher. they're called merge out here which is swat in other areas. looks like they're out here longer because they're roping off the area here. we're not sure what is going on but we'll stay on top of this and bring us you the latest. we're told officers are issuing a search warrant in san jose. back to you, gasia. i don't see traffic mind you. people who live in that neighborhood, are they able to leave their homes to go to work and school or is everyone being told to stay where they are? >> you can't go down white road between quinnby and norwood. we had people try to walk down the roadway but officers wouldn't allow them to go down for their own personal safety
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which makes sense when you have a heavy police presence. >> right, it speaks to the severity of the situation. we'll stay on top of it and bring you back to mornings on two. still following a developing story in san francisco where a huge piece of construction equipment on top of a high-rise in the south market area is stabilize. work will start this morning to remove it. it's a concrete structure under construction at 33 to hey mus street. at one point it looked like it would fall off the buildings. nearby buildings were evacuated and surrounding streets were closed. people were allowed back in the area after there was no immediate danger of it falling anymore. wood and medal are being used to shore up the flat form under the pump. >> once the flat form is stabilize the pump has to be cut from its base and the crane sitting next to it will attach to the pump. >> the assistant fire chief
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says the pump will be removed at some point this morning. hey mitch street will stayed closed. the real estate developer is responsible for several iconic sky scrapers around the world. it's a privately owned real estate company called heinz based in houston. renderings from the company's website shows what 33 tehayma will look like. the building is due to open sometime this year. some children want to be doctors or astronauts or firefighters but this little girl says her dream job is to work at google. this letter she wrote to the company and the response she got from the very top. good morning, it hasn't
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been a great commute, especially for the early commuters. 880 is jam packed and wael tell you why this back up is not expected to get better before the morning commute is over -- -- we'll. the first of multiple fronts have gone through. that's the good news but there's snow up in the sierra and we're not done by a far cry for the next two days.
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. flooding along 580 in richmond. it does appear one lane is directly impacted. car are going around it. we certainly see much worse
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flooding in recent days where drivers take a big chance and drive through and the driver is stranded so the advice is turn around, don't drown. i can't imagine this would be that critical of a situation but it is repeating and the roads are slick. >> thanks gasia. wall street has seen it's best run in 25 yores. this is incredible. pam cook back in the studio -- -- years. >> it's been a record setting run. the index closed at new record highs five days in a row. that's new economic data affecting markets this morning. construction on new homes dipped 2.5% last month. that's affecting things a bit. checking in on the numbers, they are down this morning. not a lot though. very slight drop for the dow and snp 500 this morning. is snapchat worth $22 billion? the parent company is expected
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to become a public company next month and it's giving a value estimated between 19 and 22 $22 billion. that's lower than original estimates. there are concerns about slowing user growth and greater competition from other social media. snap is supposed to be the biggest tech offering since ali baba in 2014. one little girl has high hopes for working for google. she sent a handwritten letter skk for a job with the company. she said she has good computer skills and likes the bean bag chairs. >> the ceo replied saying he looks forward to receiving her job application and encouraged the young girl to pursue her dreams. you can preorder the world's first flying car.
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it's smeshlly approved -- -- commercially. it looks like a helicopter on three wheels. it takes ten minutes to trans form from car to helicopterer. the cost is between 400 thousand $400,000 and $600,000 and you have to put 10 $10,000 down. production is set to begin at the beginning of the year and deliveries in 2018. it goes 100 miles per hour. >> i want it, pam. >> i know you do. a lot of people. we should pool our money together. >> it's about the cost of a house, that's the problem. let's talk about traffic. so much to talk about in the commute. >> ask pam where she can find a $400,000 home in the bay area. >> she's laughing at that. >> good morning, let's take a look at the coliseum commute northbound 880 because of the truck accident. we have been talking about this since it happened at 4:30. northbound traffic backed up from the coliseum area up to
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downtown oakland because one and two lanes are taken away as they try and right the truck and get it off the freeway. one person was injured and taken to the hospital in the wreck. 580 traffic is busier now. people are on 580 and you have heard about this and it's slow into lake shore area. i would still use 580. i wouldn't be on this freeway. this freeway is very slow driving up north to downtown oakland. let's talk about the nearby san mateo bridge. not too bad. it's moderate. you can see the weather is still a bit of a factor here in the morning commute. it's also going to be a factor for plain planes arriving today especially at sfo. sfo is the airport that is most affected by any sort of weather that is inclement. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. you see traffic backed up to the mcarthur maze. south bay commute is slow. of course highway 17 remains very slow from scotts valley
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over to the slide repair area. 7:18 let's bring steve in. >> have you seen anything on sfo? >> i'm about to get a specific time but i know just from doing this job for a long time that flight delays always happen. in fact, i'm o'clocking on the link here and it says one hour and three minutes what they expect at sfo today. -- -- clicking. it could change though. >> so i put you on the spot twice and you have responded. thank you sir. >> i have a computer. there's a winter weather advisory today and winter storm watch tomorrow. ski swim -- says snow has returned to truckee.
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kent field over an inch. ben lomen right at an inch. santa rosa, san francisco .33. other totals, kelseyville coming in at 1.41. middle town, that's 1.02. three quarters and solsolito. sfo picked up a third of an inch of rain. our system went just flying through. left behind light rain. some good news, the lake continues to go down. so even though they're up to 117,000, the rate at which it's dropping did slow here in the last hour.
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it's at 869.30. you can watch the system on the back side of that. we'll probably go to alex fast and he will tell you the rain has tapered off for now. lake county there's a flood warning out for clear lake at lake port until sunday. i don't think it's so much today and tomorrow. monday and tuesday we're concerned about. rain around walnut crook and it tails off. hayward and san leandro and after that, not a lot left. there's isolated rain moving through today especially with the system going by fast and a jet stream is picking up which will usher in unstable air. the breeze is a big story today and bigger story tomorrow. 23409 as robust as it was earlier. still a breezy day. the main bulk of the system is in the sierra. i-draw your attention to multiple systems here. this will be a big wind producer for us.
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as we head into sunday and also sunday night into monday that will take in more our location. this is a whopper of a system for southern california. we'll also get rain out of that. they are expecting maybe the biggest storm to hit down there since december 2010. the weekend looks okay. by saturday morning we're on the drier side of the rain. monterey at four. 13 plus in the santa cruz mountains. 60s on your temps. tomorrow looks like a very windy day. we'll get some rain as well. then a break, probably about saturday afternoon into sunday evening and heavy rain monday. >> i woke up before the alarm and i just listened to the heavy rain and for the first time in a long time, it wasn't
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happiness but worry that was in my mind. for oroville and 35 and 37. so it's interesting how that we need to rain has turned what sounded so nice back in october is now like u ohh oh. dozen of bay area businesses are not opening today. the national day of action to show support for immigrants.
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0 ofrjts there's a nationwide boycott being called a day without immigrants. many are staying home from work to protests trump's pollty is. -- -- policies. imgrapts are being urged not to go to work or buy anything in a store or online and not eat at restaurants and students are being urged not to go to class. some bay area restaurants including some owned by immigrants are closed today in solidarity with the protests. restaurants in oakland and saffron indian bistro tweeted they are participating in the day without immigrants. president trump complains about several leaks of classified information. leaked phone conversations between former national security advisor michael flynn and a russian ambassador led to flynn's forced resignation this
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week. some republicans suggests the leaks are coming from supporters of president obama some still working for the government. the chairman of the house oversight committee wants the inspector general to investigate. a supervisor adds the word when she resited the pledge to highlight inequality across the u.s. the board of supervisors meeting starts with the pledge of allegiance which ends with the "ind divisible with libber and justice for all" and she aids in "some day" -- -- adds. she says it's more about inequality experienced by women and minorities across the country. next, we're talking live with the chp about the most dangerous conditions we see around the bay area. also, all eyes on the oroville dam now as the latest
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storm rolls in across northern california. the concerns from residents on whether or not days of repairs are actually going to hold up. it's a wet commute and that means more collisions on the road and more slow traffic and 880 is the place to avoid. we'll tell you why, straight ahead. our system this morning went through fast. there were some areas that picked up an inch of rain. tomorrow could be a howling wind event. more on that, coming up. you've got to let it go.
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i've had it forever. we'll sell it on letgo. hey, i'll take it. it's time to snap, post, chat and sell. it's time to letgo.
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a busy thursday morning, february 16th i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. our big story is the storm blowing through the area. outside the studio not raining but those as steve would call angry clouds outside our door. >> let's talk more about the full weather coverage we have this morning with aalexa lex savage in oroville. let's go to steve now with a look at where the heaviest rain is now. not much heavy rain left here. it's stopped up at lake oroville. 42-100ths there. rainbow weather again. i can't overemphasize.
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i don't candy coat it. if it's not a storm, it's not a storm. this system went through and tomorrow could be a major wind event. there's signs right off the bay area of the barometer bottoming out tomorrow around 29.08. if that happens it's hang on baby because this system went through fast. we will get rain for the next system tomorrow. there's still some light rain around but not much. sun clouds and breezy and blustery at times and off and on light rain. not too much heavy rain out of this. there's still some in the mix. it's tomorrow i'm worried about. upper 50s and very mild with the southerly breeze. the system is moving into the sierra producing snow there. multiple systems are taking aim at us. look at that system to the west. that is a beast. i'm telling you right now, southern california is getting hammered. we will get rain out of this as well.
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if it all comes in, believe me it's a neon sign flashing and it's ex-stream lyly windy tomorrow -- -- ex stream tomorrowtomorrow -- extremely. . >> shawn, good morning, i wanted to -- you're in your cruiser, yes? >> yes. >> i wanted to ask you, i just saw a tweet from someone that said 580 was a problem. is it still a problem? what's going on there? >> yeah, still a problem. we are the fast lane clezed. the flooding is behind us now. in front of us one of the vehicles went through the flood flooded roadway. the water got up and messed up his transmission. now we're stuck in the center divide.
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this is the last vehicle stuck as a result of the flooding. caltrans is getting the drain cleared. right now we just have the fast lane closed. traffic is slow behind it. traffic is flowing fine now. >> northbound 880 the truck accident and we had one person injured. when we have weather like this, how much does the ordinary sligs number go up? on a regular morning you have 10 collisions? how much on a rainy morning? >> easily double that. so the problem is we have twice as many calls to service and twice as many collisions on a rain day. they are solo vehicle pin outs where one vehicle is involved. if that's the case it's more often than not because you were driving too fast in the rain. when you roll up on an accident scene shawn and you ask people hey, do you think you were driving too fast?
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what's the answer they give you? >> they never say they were driving too fast. they always say they thought they were driving at a safe speed but obviously that's not the case if you spun out and hit a wall. >> you heard the man, please slow down and drive for the conditions. you can be cited if you're driving too fast. if you're driving unsafely a police officer can pel you over and say hey, you're driving too fast. let's take a look at some of these things we have. the truck accident shawn and i mentioned at 5th. a big rig on its side. traffic is backed up. if you're looking at your tv screen and a lot of people don't, come to it and look and say you know what, i'm not going to use 880. 580 is a much better choice. it's still slow but better than this. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza backed up to the maze.
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the metering lights are on. highway 17 is better. not a lot but better today than it has been from scotts valley. people have grown weary of this commute. 7:35. let's go back to the desk. despite steady rain, work to patch up the damaged emergency spillway continues right now. alex savage has been following the dam emergency. here's in oroville with how the rain is expecting the dam and spillways. >> yeah, good morning, gasia. better news to report weather wise as steve eluded to here. this is a fast moving system and we saw really heavy rain up here at the oroville dam early this morning. as you can tell here, the rain has let up and the storm appears to have passed through. we see fast moving clouds here up above the dam.
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i want to talk about the work that is still continuing. it continued even during the early morning hours when we saw a heavy downpour. crews continuing to shore up the emergency spillway while at the same time they are releasing water at a rapid raid here from the reservoir and it's all coming down this concrete pill way here. this is the main spillway and they're putting water out over 100,000 cubic feet per second. there was so much concern about water that was topping over the dirt spillway, the secondary spillway and it was eroding at an alarming rate. work has been going on to shore it up with rocks and large sandbags. i hear a helicopter in the distance coming in to continue doing the heavy lifting.
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0 they're confident the run off from these storms won't be enough to cause danl. at the same time, people living blow this dam down river they are still worried about the upcoming storms and there was a mandatory evacuation order lifted a couple days ago and a lot of businesses now are reopening and customers beginning to return to stores but still around town you see sandbags lining doors and there's concern about the potential for flooding along the river and a lot of people are wondering if the dam can truly handle more rain. . >> they have dropped the lake a lot. they're still the question of whether what they're doing is going to work. they're saying this isn't as well but like i tell everybody, mother nature has her own way of doing things. . >> again, they are continuing to try and reduce the lake level as much as possible. it's come down more than 30 feet.
7:38 am
they're hope is to get it down by 50 feet, to about 850 feet. they say that's ideal to handle the run off from the series of storms moving through here. then they have to think long term about trying to handle the snow melt and the resulting run off once the weather starts to warm up here in the coming months. water officials say they're planning to at some point in the next couple of days dial back how much water is being released from the main spillway. bring you back out here, you're looking at the dump trucks coming from a staging area and picking up loads full of large rocks and driving along the roadway that goes right across the top of oroville dam. tlaifr driving to the left hand side and delivering the rocks to the emergency spillway area. then they're being covered with
7:39 am
cement to help fortify the spillway. they're continuing to do work on it and they feel confident no matter how much run off they get from the rainstorms and whatever run off they get in the coming months they feel confident that the water will probably not even come over that emergency spillway. but if it does they feel confident it will hold. >> what a change from where we were sunday evening with this situation. >> it really is. 180-degree turn absolutely. there was so much concern that there was an imminent collapse. that threat really has passed. as you can tell then what we have had since then has been a real sense of urgency trying to do this work around the clock to try and shore up the pill sway and make sure that everyone living down river from here is safe. >> i know we will be bringing  you back throughout mornings on 2. two.
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take us with you on our free ktvu weather app. . our time is 7:40. police searching for two men who assaulted a woman near a downtown park either saturday night or early sunday morning. police released two photos of one of the suspects taken by surveillance camera at a nearby supermarket. both men clean shaven in their 40s. the suspect in the photos is wearing a super bowl 50 carolina panthers sweatshirt and carried a gray nike backpack. the woman met and spent time with the two men before being attacked near lee garner park.  if you have any information call novato police. california senator pamela harris will deliver her first speech on the floor of the united states senate today. she's expected to talk about immigrant communities and
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contributions to society. she'll also talk about president trump's executive order targeting immigrants and refugees. her speech will begin at 1:15 this afternoon. there's a renewed push to extend alcohol service at bars across the state. good morning, we have slow traffic and 880 really has taken the spotlight unfortunately in a bad way. 880 is backed up from san leandro solid to the scene of a truck accident that's been with us for three hours plus. a mix of sun and clouds and rainbow weather later today. a big system is on tap for tomorrow.
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you can see from storm tracker, the bulk of the heavy rain has moved through the bay area but wet roads linger as do delays at the airport. 0. >> there are eight delays at sfo. situations a little bit better at san jose and oakland, they're each reporting three delays but again this is just the beginning of the day. it's the beginning of the storm system so we'll stay on top of it for you and help you get where you need to go. new this morning, there could be a cost driving down the crookedest street in the world. san francisco is recommended to charge a toll on lombard street. the intent is reduce traffic at the popular tourist spot.
7:45 am
2 million people visit lombard every year. no word yet on how much the proposed toll would cost. san francisco would be the first city to impose a toll on a city street in california. it could happen as early as two years from now. visitors would have to make a reservation and pay a fee to drive on lombard. it's also suggested violators would pay a fine of $100. one of the top south bay restaurants has been hit with a $120,000 fine for swapping out what was supposed to be an expensive fish dinner for a least expensive cheaper version without telling customers. the restaurant is in morgan hill owned by a mitch lynn rated chef. many customers have raved about their petrale sole that cost
7:46 am
$31. they confirmed between october october 2014 and march of 2016 the restaurant was switching the sole for a less expensive tilapia. the restaurant is offering $30 gift certificates who ordered it during that time. state senator scott weiner of san francisco has introduced a bill that would allow bars in california to stay open until 4:00 a.m.. >> you're going to see more income earned by workers and more taxes collected by both local governments and the state and just more economic activity overall. . >> local governments have the option to extend alcohol serving hours in limited areas that are zoned for late night entertainment. a group opposing the measures says there are concerns about people leaving bars at 4:00 in the morning. >> and driving away into commuter traffic that starts in
7:47 am
many parts of california at 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning. >> if the bill passes it would not apply to liquor stores and any local government that wants to extend hours would need approval from the department of alcohol beverage control. what do you think of the proposal to extend closing time to 4:00 a.m.? let us know what you think. post a comment to our facebook page and tweet us using the hash tag k tvu. a lot of reaction already on facebook. big rig crashes and fender benders. >> yes, just past the fifth embarkdero exit. this is the video of the crash where a driver ended up on the freeway ramp below. fell about 40 feet to the ramp below and taken to high land hospital. the truck is still there. it's badly damaged and they
7:48 am
have to get it out of the way. it's on its side here. other vehicles were involved as well. traffic is backed up big time as you can see. it's a terrible commute. i'll let you put judgment on it. a very slow commute. look at this map it's slow from right here in san leandro up to the incident. a lot of people have heard about this backed up to oakland. you know what i mean, traffic is slow in the area. we also are looking at 580 traffic here on the approach to the richmond bridge. a lot of slow traffic on 580 and they have cleared up the problems with the back ups lingering. just good old fashioned traffic
7:49 am
on 680 south to the walnut creek interchange. the traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza is going to be backed up all the way out to the maze. coming up next, we'll talk a look at the south bay and peninsula where there's slow traffic there. let's bring steve in with today's weather. our system has moved through rapidly. a combination of sun and clouds and rain. rainbow weather is in the mix there. plenty moving through. this is the first of off and on systems. the front tomorrow is actually a storm. i don't use that term often. allie rasmus, have you heard of her? >> yes, wonderful lady. >> probably one of the nicest coworkers every. would you concur? i would concur. storm clouds rolling through. yes, you could get a passing rain and the sun will pop out combination of the three or four, if you will.
7:50 am
lower case as my rain gauge says 6.8. wake up you big sleepy goof, yes, it came through fast. i tried to get to as many rain totals as i could. speaks of healdsburg another inch of rain. west of there, two-thirds and maybe more than that by now. sleepy hollow almost an inch of rain. san francisco, .33. san jose .07. i'm sure there was more than that not far away. my good friend mike works in san jose and he texts me and says .07, i know we had more than that. yes, i know. i get it. kelseyville, 1.41. middle town .102.
7:51 am
napa and sfo picked up a third of an inch. these systems are just zipping on by. there's still some rain left. not a lot. here's the amount of lake oroville. it's levelled off. the outflow still 117,000 but watch here. the main spillway continues there. 36,000 in two hours. looks like things have tailed off rapidly. still light rain out. not a lot but some areas getting showers back over to hayward, pleasanten ton and south san francisco and pacifica over to burlingame. a break here and they're ready to rock and roll. a major wind producer for us and torrential rain in southern
7:52 am
california from friday into saturday. a break on most of the weekend and monday and tuesday, here comes heavy rain for us. ukiah to san francisco. 60s on the temps and they'll setting. saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. they should be okay. . >> thank you, steve. time is 7:52. new top honors for san francisco. three reasons san francisco was rated number one among the nation's biggest cities.
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the weather radar on the left and how the storm received this morning is moving through the bay area. then on the right side of your picture, look at the sky there. san rafael as we speak, those clouds mean business. steve paul sen has more on your weather throughout the morning. time is 7:55. pope francis speaking out about controversial oil pipelines. protestors have been trying to stop two pipelines. the dakota access and keystone xl. tribal leaders met with the pope at the vat cab and he said the u.s. government should consult with indian tribes before making decisions about building on indian lands. president trump signed executive orders allowing the
7:56 am
pipeline projects to continue. a federal judge refused to block that order. researchers may have found a way to predict autism in babies before you see the symptoms. they use brain scans to examine babies at high risk for those with autism. they have siblings with autism. the babies who later developed autism had a higher of rate of growth in a certain part of the brain. up until now diagnosises of autism could only be done when the behaviors start to appear usually after two years old. the city of san francisco is ranked as the best u.s. city to live in if you don't have a car. the realty site red fin says you could live for years in san francisco without using a car. it rated cities with more than 300,000 people on walking, public transit and cycling. san francisco was ranked second in all three categories giving it the highest total score.
7:57 am
new york, boston, and washington d.c. also in the top four. oakland came in tenth overall. time now to check in with mike and gasia. >> a big rig crash causes a huge back up on 880. westbound 24, we have had some slow traffic on 24 and on 24 in oakland as well. up next, more on the big rig crash we mentioned and the alternates. a very fast move system, thank goodness, has left behind sun breaks and a rainbow over san rafael. rainbow weather.
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ ♪ when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can.
8:00 am
storms across the bay area. the hardest rain falling now, mornings on two continues. 0 good morning, welcome back to mornings on two. it's thursday february 16th. i'm mike mibach. . >> i'm gasia mikaelian. the rain has moved out but left a lot of way in the way. with a look at the rain, here's steve. most of the heavy rain has moved off and we're just beginning over the next 6-7 days. rainbow weather we like to say.
8:01 am
short lived howler between 304 and 4:51 in the morning. 0 tomorrow could be just as act at this. there's a big system on the way in central and southern california. a little bit of rain moving through with a combination of sun and clouds and hit and miss rain which has prodoused opportunities for rain moving through marin county. same for the peninsula and south san francisco, parts of the peninsula and east bay, 50s on the temps. these are mild systems for sure. a bit more of a south westerly direction. i'll draw your attention to this system heading towards southern california friday and saturday causing multiple issues and we'll get a good wind producer tomorrow. 60s on the temps. this system wasn't that strong and look what happened. >> no, we talked about this steve. that commute day we had last week, remember? >> i do. >> that was the worst one i've
8:02 am
seen in a while. we have had a couple earlier crashes. last tuesday was the worst i've seen in a while. good morning to everyone, let's start off with the biggest problem all morning and that's northbound 880. this truck flipped over at 4:30. several other vehicles were involved. the truck driver was ejected from the cab and fell 40 feet down below from a ramp. he is still alive with major injuries but survived. traffic has been backed up all morning long. it's backed up out from san leandro northbound. we can show you a live picture of the back upright now on 880. this is having a big affect on 880 traffic out of san leandro, also an affect on 580. i can show you on the maps. it's backed up out of castro valley.
8:03 am
this line all the way through, the crash is having an impact on all the freeways in the east bay. people are avoiding eight # 0 and getting on the others and it's very slow. so just put that into the back of your mind. 8:03 now, back to the desk. people living below the dam, curious how big a role this story will play. alex savage is joining us live with thorng with an update. good morning, an update here from california water officials. we're here with a representative from the department of water resources. we're here at the command center this morning. tell me what is the latest in terms of the repair work and where things stand on the emergency spillway. >> crews are working 24 hours a day. they're placing large rocks and gravel in there and saling it in a flurry mixture of
8:04 am
decrement to stop further erosion -- -- se decrement. decrement. decree. the crews kept working, at least the crewings on the ground saw the dump trucks. does it get to a point where the ground could be saturated to a point where you have to stop work. >> yes, safety is a priority. if it gets to the point where we can't operate machinery, we will pull the crews off. until then they will be out there monitoring the spillway. >> how long is the work going? >> until we're confident -- well, it will go on for months. we'll be out there monitoring and continuing to look at the erosions with the rain continuing to come in. there's some further erosion from the rain. they're out there continuing to protect that as well. >> i know the lake level since sunday when we were at the peak
8:05 am
of this crisis situation, the lake levels come down more than 30 feet so far. is that enough room for the run off and then the snow melt and resulting run off there? >> the lake was at a peak of 901 feet and now it's down to 870. we still have more water going out than coming in. we're projected during this storm coming in to only have about 45,000 cubic feet per second. the outflow is running at 100,000 cubic feet pr second. >> there's anxiety. water officials talked about the stability and the fact it won't top over again. you don't believe but people down river, there's still a sense of anxiety. what would you say to folks living down river to delay those fears. >> the sheriff was clear when he lifted the evacuation order. you need to stay vigil and be ready to go at any time. it's a dynamic situation.
8:06 am
crews are out there monitoring the situation and we'll know if further erosions happen that we need to take action on and we'll continue to reinforce the emergency smile spillway and monitor the flood control at the same time . >> thank you very much, we appreciate you taking a few minutes this morning. there's the update from here on the ground, this is the command center. a very active place and you heard from chris there, the work continuing on the ground. they still have the dump trucks coming and going and dropping off rock bringing in sandbags but they do not have the helicopters up in the air because of the weather situation but again as you can tell, the rain has let up here at least for the time being. >> i've heard chris say they're out there for months as a reminder to keep an eye on the snow pack. >> that's the thing here. the imminent threat certainly has passed given where we were on sunday. we have talked about that but
8:07 am
the point that state officials want to make, this is an ongoing incident and situation. they will be out here for months continuing repair work on the emergency spillway and repair work has to be done on the main concrete spillway as well. they're getting rid of as much water as they can and making room for the run off as it arrives. >> for april and may indeed, live in oroville, thank you, alex. you can do you do our free weather app for the latest opt storms. it includes a live weather radar and extended forecast. we continue to follow a developing story in san francisco. that's where work will begin this morning to remove a huge piece of damaged construction equipment on top of a high-rise in the south market area. the concrete pumping structure is on top of a condo building under construction at 33 tehama street. firefighters feared the flat
8:08 am
form could fall off the building. we brought you extended coverage of the situation. fire crews evacuated nearby buildings and closed surrounding streets and all the precautions. people were allowed back in the area after the structure was stabilize and determined there was no immediate danger of it falling. >> once the flat form is stabilize the pump has to be cut from the base. the crane sitting next to it will be lowered to the ground. >> tehama street will be close closed later today. a crew is on the way to the building and we'll bring you a live update in minutes. the real estate developer behind tehama is responsible for several iconic sky scrape everies around the world. the pane is based in houston and has a minority share in the sales force structure and is now the city's tallest building. the company's website shows what 33 tehama will look like.
8:09 am
it will have 400 residential units. the #3wi8ding was expected to open sometime this year. we're still following developing news in the south bay as well where san jose police are clearing the scene where they sent several police units and this is where we had paul chambers live throughout the earlier mornings hours. police told us they were trying to serve a search warrant at a home on south white road. a helicopter circled over the road telling anyone to come out with their hands up. . there's a nationwide boycott called a day without immigrants. many immigrants say they will stay home from work to protest trump's policies. the boycott is designed to show how important immigrants are to the united states and how the american economy would suffer
8:10 am
without them. immigrants are being urged not to go to work or buy anything  online or not to eat a restaurant and students not to go to class. some bay area restaurants are closed today in solidarity with the protests. tensions are growing between the white house and the intelligence community. with president trump complaining about a series of leaks of classified information. leaked phone conversations between national security advisor michael flynn and russian ambassador led to his forced resignation this week. some republicans suggest the leaks could be coming from president obama. the chairman of the house oversight committee is calling on the inspector general to launch an investigation. you can't have classified immigration migrating out into a nonclassified setting.
8:11 am
. >> this morning president trump is tweeting about the leaks saying "the spotlight has been put on the low life leakers and they will be caught seconds ago." president trump is set to announce his new pick for new labor secretary. when it happens we'll bring it to viewers live. >> it's been a wet commute. we'll talk live with chp about dangerous conditions across the bay area. mud slides concerns on highway 17. it's been a problem for weeks. we'll take you live to the santa cruz mountains with a look at driving conditions there right now. good morning, we have had a tough one, the biggest problem has been 8 # 0 but really all over the bay, the traffic is slowing down and drive times have spiked as you might imagine.
8:12 am
another update straight ahead. the good news is our system moved through very fast. otherwise we would have had bigger problems. it's the first of many that look to be on the way here over the next 6-7 days.
8:13 am
8:14 am
storm tracker 2 shows the
8:15 am
bulk of the rain has moved out. the effects are tough on air travellers. we got an update from sfo, there are 38 delays and 12 cancellations at san francisco international. the situation is better, no cancellations and oakland is reporting 8 delays. this is weather pattern sticking with us for the next several days. those couple of dry days we had midweek are gone. if you plan on flying out tomorrow through lax, there's a ton of delays. check your flights and we will check in with sal now. it's stopped raining in most parts of the bay area. plenty of lingering problems on the roads. live to shawn with what drivers need to know. i want to ask you about the crash.
8:16 am
one person was sent to the hospital, the driver. was anyone else in the truck or injured? >> yeah, there was a female passenger in the big rig as well. she had minor injuries though. she was transported to the hospital. >> minor injuries for the female and the truck driver himself is the person who fell out and ended up on the ramp below? >> they actually were both ejected. the driver sustained the major injuries and passenger had minor. >> both ejected and one with minor and major. this crash caused a huge ripple in all the bay area traffic in the east bay. how long does it take for something like this once it's gone to recover? >> it's going to be all the way through the morning commute. it's really going to take traffic to dissipate when the commute is over for all the  freeways to clear out and it should be fine by the evening commutement it will last through the traffic.
8:17 am
>> you're driving in traffic now in your cruiser. let me ask you a question. do people do stupid things in front of you and then you have to go to the red and blue and light them up? >> absolutely. the camera man sitting next to me is amazed. people are on their cell phones and not paying any attention. people in front of us don't have their headlights on even though there's water on the roadway. people definitely don't pay any attention even when there's black and white next to them. >> thank you for your service. be safe out there and thanks for keeping us informed. we're going to the back ups we have been talking about. the 880 back up is very slow from san lean dro driving to the downtown oakland area. the big rig injury accident has ruined the morning commute here not only on 880 and 580 westbound driving through.
8:18 am
let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. that's a 25 minute delay and that hasn't been a good commute. we haven't talked a lot about i. 280 northbound is improving. we see sun in here and when the roads start to dry out, and completely dry out, that's when we see improving traffic. let's bring it to steve now. >> the chp has been our friends here. >> they helped us out a lot this morning. we do have -- is my mic okay? we have multiple systems to go through. the rain has stopped in san jose but left mind this rainbow in place. one of many have been sent to me. there's a couple in san rafael.
8:19 am
it depends on your location and further north, rain totals we're looking at here, the most west of heels burg. -- -- heel heelds burg. half n inch in blossom hill. again, double what san jose got. kelseyville 1.41. 1.75 at fort bragg. middle town over an inch. sfo .38. so about a third to an inch and a half. most of it is gone. there's hit and miss showers now. the lake level continues to go down and slows down when the rain went through. down 34 feet from sunday. the outflow is still up at 117,000 cubic feet per second.
8:20 am
now the rain stopped and picked up 42-100ths so a lot more going out. still a few showers popping up hither and beyond. some over marin county and the peninsula. these are very weak. a come by face of sun and clouds and showers, breezy and windy at times. these are mild systems, not cold at all. they are lined up and sometimes the storm door is not open. a heck of a system is on tap for tomorrow. this is a major -- mike brought this up -- there are many delays down in southern california from this and i think for us because it looks like torrential downpour. a very windy system as well. not a lot of rain up here. we get a break on the weekend saturday afternoon and sunday early. then look what happens into monday and tuesday. there's some very heavy rain through tuesday and wednesday.
8:21 am
if sacramento gets.5 5.9, ukiah near 6 and santa rosa near 4. maybe parts of marin county as well. tomorrow is a wind and rain event. then southern california, there's many issues here friday, saturday and sunday in southern california. somewhat of a break on the weekend. heavy rain on monday. we have been warn #d, steve. >> you got it. the canadian recycle plant worker makes a discovery. the story of how cash got in a tv and how police were able to track down the rightful owner.
8:22 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer.
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8:24 am
a man in a tesla may have saved a life in germany. he saw the driver was slumped over the steering weal so the driver of the tesla pulled in front of the other car and started slowly braking bringing the other car to a stop. the other car's driver had a stroke. with the tesla driver's help his life was saved. tesla ceo elon musk tweeted this out about the accident. . >> in appreciation tesla is providing free of cost and
8:25 am
expedited. a supervisor adds a word when she resites the pledge of allegiance. -- -- recites. county supervisors monica browns add a word to the end "some day". you can hear it on previous recordings. she says it's calling out inequalities experienced by women and minorities across the country. a man in ontario, canada got a pleasant surprise when authorities returned thousands of dollars he hid in an old tv set. a worker found the cash inside a box stashed away in the tv. it was more than 100 thousand dollars in canadian dollars. the box also had documents that helped police track down the owner of the money. the 68 year old man hid the
8:26 am
money 38 years ago and planned to give it to family members and then forgot about it and gave the tv to a friend who took it to the recycling center. the beloved panda born here in the united states has lived at the smithsonian national zoo in washington. pandas must be returned to china under the breeding program. she will travel to china on tuesday and shipped in a large crate via fedex. the flight is 16 hours long. she will have 50 pounds of bamboo to eat along the way. . paying to take a ride down san francisco's most famous landmarks. the proposal on lombard street that did not only have you pulling out your wallet but requiring a reservation. what we know so far about plans to stabilize part of a high-rise in downtown san francisco that firefighters say
8:27 am
was in danger of collapsing yesterday. still pretty slow out there on 880, especially if you have discretion, you can put off the trip into oakland. roads are not moving now. it looks certain over the next seven days. we're seeing wind and rain and it will be a heavy duty rain even for southern california. rainbow city here this morning. guys, thanks for making our new french toast so authentic,
8:28 am
you'll swear it came from a fancy brunch place. its 100% real. just like my favorite sport - pro wrestling. um... yeah, about pro wrestling... its fake. what? lies!! its... all ...lies!! why didnt you tell me?!!!! sorry jack, i thought you knew. try my new grilled french toast plate with syrup and hickory smoked bacon. the newest
8:29 am
addition to my brunchfast menu. hit me with this, youll feel better. here's a live picture of highway 17. the closure still remaining in effect.
8:30 am
a slow commute, seems like there's a little bit of everything. the rain in this live picture. the fog settling in on 17. welcome back, everyone i'm mike mibach. >> heavy rain in the overnight hours. even though the bulk of the storm has moved out problems linger. >> they're lingering for a week. i'm glad you mentioned la for tomorrow. there's major delays. >> my brother is down there and says everyone is freaking out. they can't handle that. >> it's the biggest storm since december 2010. that's the only area left for drought in california. i think we can see see you. that's friday and saturday for la. we'll get some rain out of that tomorrow. san jose may get more than santa rosa tomorrow and it will be windy for many around here. the skies over pinole, a mix of
8:31 am
sun and clouds and rainbows around. cottages at point reyes, just like you said, a fast moving system. gusty winds clearing and 57 degrees now. not much left of the system so just a few garden variety showers are left. still some up in lake county. not a lot. flood warnings continue at lake port going through sunday. it's monday and tuesday, the days we have to be concerned about. still some rain picking up, nothing heavy but still showing up on the peninsula in south san francisco and east bay. not much here, light green usually doesn't much. 59 in oakland. the system went through fast but it's tomorrow we're concerned about there. i'm going to get out of the way so you can see it. that's a big system, a monster. that's going to give torrential rain for southern california and windy conditions for us. stay tuned, that's tomorrow and 60s on the temps.
8:32 am
i know you're smirking over there. i see it. you know why? i think we're at the end. i see the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak for this commute. >> for this commute. >> but then we will reload tomorrow. >> absolutely. i'm going to bed early like my senior citizen county part. the blue plate special at 5:00 and in bed at 6:00. 880 coliseum, slow traffic this morning. traffic is backed up all the way up to the scene of the truck crash northbound 880 at fifth. it's been there since 4:30 and we're going on four hours of it. the traffic is reacting as you expect it to. 580 is backed up at castro valley and also having an affect on other freeways around the east bay. if you have discretion and you don't have to go and you can work from home this morning, that would be a better call. bay bridge traffic is busy as
8:33 am
welcoming into san francisco. i'll put up the east bay map for you and see how slow it. extreme stop and go traffic. normal traffic, 101 through san mateo. through the south bay, i can show you the freeways are slow this morning. a slow commute but 880 is taking the headlines. it's been a rough morning on the santa cruz mountains commute. paul chambers has been out there and joining us right there from highway 17. . >> it took you a while to get there. >> sure did. i was talking to an officer out here to figure out what's going on. you can see it's running smoothly out here on highway 17. we drove in a bit ago. there's a light mist. as we drove in this morning, crews are taking a break as they wait for geologists to arrive on the scene.
8:34 am
we can take a look at individual yes we shot yesterday. crews spent most of yesterday preparing the area for the storm. i'm joined by the sergeant from chp to talk about where things are standing now. how are things right now? >> they're the way they have been for the last week. traffic is moving slowly down to one lane in each direction. we have to keep an eye out for the safety of the workers. on highway 17, they can expect large delays recommended to take different routes. yesterday they took some of the trees down and dirt down to make sure it doesn't fall on the roadway. can you talk about that? >> they were taking trees down from the top and also dirt. for preparation to get the rest of the dirt out of the way. >> we expect it to be the same way, one lane in both directions in the southbound lane for how much longer? >> i anticipate it through the
8:35 am
weekend and well into next week and beyond. we're checking things as they go. >> they're also waiting for geologists. >> there's geologists on their way up to take a look and determine the safety of continuing to dig while we have the rain and see what the status currently is. >> thank you very much, i appreciate it. so for a little while longer at least another week, it will be in the same area here, one lane going in both directions with more rain coming, they can't do much until it's all dry and that's when they will have a better idea. for right now, business as usual. highway 17 open and one lane both directions and the southbound lane only. >> thank you, paul. don't forget you can download our free app for the latest on the storms including loouf radar as well as extended forecast. back now to a developing story in san francisco where a huge piece of damaged construction equipment on top of a residential high-rise is
8:36 am
expectd to be removed this morning. we have been following this story since 4:00 yesterday afternoon. allie rasmus joining us live from the city this morning. what's the scene there like right now? >> 33 tehama is right here behind us in the south market neighborhood. it's described as a luxury condo tower and we have seen the crane moving some things on the building just in the last half hour. i got an update a short time ago from san francisco fire department says the work starting at 6:00 a.m. this morning to remove the part of the building in danger of falling yesterday. that part of the building is what's called a concrete pumping structure. the platform was tilting and firefighters feared it could fall off the building threatening businesses blow. so fire crews evacuated nearby buildings and closed surrounding stroets. people were allowed become in
8:37 am
the area after the structure was partially stabilize. again, this morning they're continuing the work to stabilize it. here's what firefighters had to say about the whole process last night. >> once the platform is stabilize, it has to be cut from the base. 0. >> the developer is responsible for several iconic sky scrapers around the world. they are based in houston, texas. i reached out to heinz this morning and yet to hear back from them or speak directly with a representative involved with the process today. they are supposed to be getting back to us but again, san francisco fire public information officers said they did start work stabilizing and removing the flat form at 6:00 a.m. this morning. in the meantime, the only
8:38 am
streets closed is tehama between 1 and second street, directly next to this building and there is a parking garage in the area and san francisco public information officers say think are letting people park in the parking garages for now. >> senator pamela harris will deliver her first official speech on the senate floor today. her office says she will discuss immigrant communities and contributions to our society. she will also discuss president trump's executive orders that target immigrants and refugees. new this morning, there's a cause for driving down a popular section of lombard street. a transportation reports that san francisco charge a toll on lombard. the supervisor tells the chronicle the intent is reduce the traffic at the popular tourist spot. 2 million people visit the street each year.
8:39 am
no word yet on the proposal toll. san francisco would be the first to impose a toll on a city street in california. it could happen two years from now. visitors would make the reservation and pay a fee. it's suggested that violators who drive without a reservation would pay $100. one of the top restaurants in the south bay has been given a big fine for swapping out a fish for a lesser expensive one. they have to pay $12,000 for misbranding. many customers have rafed about a dish that cost $31. after getting complaints the da's office launched an investigation and confirmed with a vendor that from october 2014 through march of 2016 the restaurant was switching the fish for much cheaper tilapia.
8:40 am
state senator scott weiner has introduced a bill that would allow bars in california to stay open as late as 4:00 a.m. and he says it would be a boost to the economy. >> you see more taxes collected by both local governments and the state and just more economic activity overall. >> local governments would have the option to extend alcohol serving hours in limited areas zoned for late night entertainment. a group says there are concerns about people leaving bars at 4:00 in the morning. >> and driving away into commuter traffic that starts at 5:00 in the morning. >> if the bill passes it would not apply to liquor stores and any local #2k3w06789 that wants to extend hours would get approval -- -- business. tell us what you think about
8:41 am
by posting a comment on our facebook page. san francisco has the number one rating for living in without a car. i keep waiting for it to get better but it's not on 880 northbound. it has been looking this way for four hours and we're still going on even more slow traffic heading up to downtown. most of the rain has ended. that's the good news. we get a mix of sun and clouds and rainbows and breezy conditions but this is the first of what could be a week's worth of systems.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
welcome back, a live picture there on the top right part of your corner, the city after san rafael, pockets of sunshine popping up throughout the bay area. heavy rain moving through in the early morning hours. 0. >> the warriors stretch their streak to 142. golden state led for most of the first half but it was too close to call. green was ejected late in the second after a foul and then
8:45 am
back to back with seconds to go in the half. that was apparently the wake up call for the rest of the team. golden state out scores the kings 42-15 in the third and went to win 109-86. . forbes magazine has a list of tran choice values and the warriors are worth 2.6 billion $2.6 billion, the third highest in the league and a big increase from when the franchise was sold in 2010 for $450 million. the la lakerings and nicks are the only teams worth more than the lakers. they used brain scans to examine babies at high risk for autism. those the babies who developed
8:46 am
autism had a higher rate of growth in the brain. diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders could only be done when behaviors started to appear around 2 or 3 years old. the findings from the study could lead to early detection and treatment. red fin says you can live in san francisco for years without a car. it rated for public transit and cycling. san francisco was second in all three categories giving it the highest total score. new york, boston and washington d.c. are in the top four and oakland came in tenth. busy day out there with the weather and traffic. >> i was hoping mike and gasia we would see improvement by now on 880. it's taken them a while. it takes a while when a truck is flipped over and they have to right it.
8:47 am
and then they have to check for integrity of the ramp there at 880 northbound so it's taking a while. traffic is backed up as you can see down into san leandro and it's been slow out of castro valley as people hear about this truck rucker and have been on 580 instead. i would still use 580 if i were you. silicon valley drive into sunny vail is still low. 280 an accident as well. nothing has been as slow as 880. other commuters are saying what about? slow over to the peninsula. we still have about a 10-15- minute delay that's improved getting into san francisco. 8:47 let's go to steve. thank you, sir. let's go to it here. our system went through fast. it's the first one that could be a week's worth of fronts
8:48 am
that have to pay a visit. another strong one tomorrow. bulk of rain south of us and getting some out of it. mostly cloudy, wet and windy as well. looks like the bulk of this system is moving through and that's true, it has. not much left of the system but still a pop up shower as you're flash ingsflash and dash. rainbows and breezy at times. it's not cold, that's for sure. in the upper 40s for many temps. the wind in the southerly direction, southeast and southwest but gusts up to 40 miles per hour earlier. there's a winter weather advisory but things in the last few frames, the system is falling apart as it moves into the sierra. a break later today and tonight but the next system coming across is a big one.
8:49 am
in fact, this is spreading a lot of rain in southern california especially in santa barbara down to la. the biggest system they have seen in seven years. all sorts of flood issues. the wind wind could be a big factor. flash flooding for the entire area from santa barbara. our next system won't give us a lot of rain. it's on sunday night and monday and tuesday. that looks like our turn for the heavier rain. the system coming up tomorrow is coming from south to north. totals starting come in in sacramento and ukiah. 60s on the techs. temps a week's worth of activity here. rain and wind and some morning rain saturday and early sunday should be okay. sunday night into monday, looks like heavy rain. >> when i think of half the
8:50 am
people i know going skiing this weekend and they're weighing do i drive back on sunday or monday . >> you drive back on sunday. unless you don't care. >> they care. >> if you're snowed in and can't get out, that's okay. monday will be brutal. >> okay sunday is the day. san francisco is becoming the front line in the battle against cancer. the experimental treatment that's been hailed as the closest yet to a cure for cancer.
8:51 am
8:52 am
a peek at markets, snp down slightly. some call it a break through cancer treatment. >> what's being called the closest thing we have seen to a cure. >> a lot of people very excited about this. it's a break through treatment being tested here in san francisco and promises new hope for cancer patients.
8:53 am
unlike chemo, there are fewer less debilitating side effects. >> we have gone every other thursday for an entire year and so it's like having the flu for a couple days. not nearly as bad as what the chee moe is. >> it trains the body to recognize cancer cells and kill them and it's not just temporary. doctors are seeing lasting effects on patients body as they ward off cancer cells. >> you're getting something in the bloodstream that will treat hopefully not only the affected area we can see and feel but also potentially the microscopic disease we cannot see. >> coming up tonight on the 10:00 news, i'll introduce you to a patient doing well with the new treatment and the doctors and researchers who say this is the future of fighting cancer. again, they're so excited about it.
8:54 am
it was out at ucsf. they're part of the parker institute studying this and using it in clinical trials we have all had the flu, i can live with that compared to other effects. >> much different than the toxins placed in your body. >> all cancers? >> they are very hopeful this particular case is melanoma which is common and they're seeing great results with this but also great results with other cancers and we talk about that tonight on the 10:00 news. we'll talk about it more tomorrow morning as well. >> thank you, pam. some children want to be a doctor and others want to be an astronaut. one little girl has high hopes for working with google. she sent google a handwritten letter asking for a job with the company. she wants to work there because she likes the bean bag chairs and go carts and also says she has good computer skills. the c eo replied and says looks
8:55 am
forward to receiving her job application and encouraged the young girl to follow her dreams. extra security at one of the world's famous landmarks. $20 million worth of safety improvements added to the eiffel tower.
8:56 am
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the hydrogen fueled mirai. its only emission is water. toyota. let's go places. the anderson reservoir in santa clara county at risk of overflowing, the reservoir is 99% capacity it is feared that the rainfall will cause the rainfall to spill over in the next couple days. there are also worries about the structural integrity of the anderson dam if the reservoir is full at the time of a large earthquake. pope francis speaking about a controversial oil pipeline project in north dakota.
8:58 am
tribal leaders met with the pope, he told them the us government should consult with tribes before making decisions on construction on ancestral lands. increasing security at the eiffel tower after several terror attacks in the past few years, officials will install a bulletproof glass wall around the base of the eiffel tower. the more than $20 million project was approved last month and will be constructed in the fall replacing metal fences that were put up last year. the man who bought rifles using -- used in the san bernardino terror attack will plead guilty to terror charges. he will plead guilty to conspiring to provide material support to terrorists and lying when he filled the paperwork for the rifle. he admits to purchasing the rifles used in the attack that was carried out by his neighbors. both died in a gunfight with
8:59 am
police. there is no evidence he knew about the plan that left 14 people dead, he could be sentenced to 25 years in prison. a man accused of killing five people at a florida airport shooting rampage is due in court today, he flew from anchorage to fort lauderdale where he opened fire in the baggage claim area, santiago told agents he was under some form of government mind control. later, he said the shooting was inspired by isis. before the shooting he was briefly treated at an alaska hospital after telling authorities he had been hearing voices. santa cruz police department will hold a news conference about an officer involved shooting from october, they had reports of a man bringing on the door of a home at chase street saying he wanted to kill the people inside, when they arrived the 32-year-old attacked officers with a rake. officers try to stop him with a taser three times.
9:00 am
his family says he suffered from mental health issues. the news conference is set for later today. tracking the first of many storms lining up moving through the bay area. with the ring back a san rafael man takes us to the devastating slide that destroyed his family home. actor bill nye joins us on the set to preview his new movie. a little wet and windy this thursday morning. the storm has some pop as i mentioned in the last hour it woke me up but that has been the way winter has gone in the bay area, a live picture as we see sunshine breaking through those rain clouds, i want to talk about san francisco really quickly.


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